Monday, 27 June 2011

Meso Action Day

What a beautiful two days we have had UP North, I actually managed to spend some time in the garden, yesterday just reading info on the new Chief Architect x3 program (wish I understood more about CAD) while hubby did this and that.  I did have a go on pushing the lawn mower but he only let me do 6 runs, I think he thinks I can't cut grass, its only a machine you push up and down for God sake! 

I did have fun getting the blaster out and giving Bear and Lexi a good air clean, although Bear just wanted the thing in his mouth again.  I was amazed at the dandruff in our Lexi's coat.  Both hubby and I burnt though, we had cloud cover on and off must of the afternoon so didn't think about sun lotion .. oh well.

Had a couple of hours out this afternoon, sweeping the paths and giving a bit of a tidy up, I had planned to read another 5 chapters of this guide but felt guilty just sitting.  I hope this weather stays, the lovely warmth on the bones brings the best out in me, but then again I am a cold bod ..  Hubby is suffering with the heat.

Did you realise it is Action Day this weekend, since it was changed from February I don't seem to notice it coming up.  I haven't really heard anything about what is organised this year either.  I did receive a copy of the mesothelioma news today but it didn't have much info in regarding events around the country.

I did mention the ADAMs trial, I would have expected more than 13 on it.  The only thing about trials is the fact you could end up taking nothing and hence wasting precious time having other treatments.  I still don't understand why people who don't want to follow a treatment regime can't be used as the "without".  I know a couple of people who don't want to do anything about treatments yet and these would be great candidates to mark and match against those who are willing to give new drugs a go.

On Saturday I had a pain back in my heart region that resembled the ones I had before surgery, the additional morphine took it away but I am hoping it isn't my friend back in the pericardium.  I don't know whether the meso can grow on a false membrane and must remember to ask John Edwards.  Other than the usual I have felt lifted, probably because of the sun.  Stupid really that a little sunshine and heat can make all the difference to how you feel.

My thoughts are with Alan and Heather at this time, if you do pray can you please ask for them too. 

Back to my next 5 chapters, if anyone works with Chief Architect can you please give me some pointers on layouts and default sets and sets that just keep appearing on the drop down box!!!!!  I am sure that as I have grown older I understand manuals even less.

Hope the sun stays shining for us all and the heat is beneficial to you all.

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Amanda said...

Hi Jan
yes it is mesothelioma action day on Friday , I think ,as our local support group and Barts are releasing doves at 12.30.

My partner was diagnosed in October 2010, he has just finished round 6 of the chemo, so fingers crossed it has had an impact . Hope you too will get some good results and my thoughts are also with Heather and Alan