Saturday, 18 June 2011

Poor Bear!

What a week, with Lexi finally getting better we thought maybe we might just manage to organise a long weekend and get away from it all.  Our hopes were dashed as on Monday night I thought Bear's chest was a little damp.  I put it down to being under the hose pipe again (his favourite hobby in the occasional sunny weather).  Tuesday night he paced and I realised he had another hot spot, no sleep for me as I was up and down with him all night.  He just couldn't bear being left on his own.

We got him into the Vets on Wednesday am and they shaved the poor mite, what a mess, he had green gunck and blood mixed in with sticky hair and sores.  Of course it was antibiotics and pain killers, but still he wouldn't sleep.  He will not put his head on the floor, and because he drools we are constantly wiping is mouth (nothing new about that over the last 18 months) but now if he sees you with the towel he takes off.
Neither hubby or I have had much sleep and we are on our knees so I honestly don't know how Bear is still awake.  The poor thing hasn't slept since Monday night apart from the occasional 1 to 2 hours.

I think its bad having meso, I know from experience that there is nothing worse than wanting to tear your skin off with itching ....  Guess I am going to have to learn how to use those trimmers after all.

I got a lovely email this morning with a link to youtube about a young boy in Korea who hadn't had a life and entered a talent show.  When he sang my eyes filled with tears and my skin tingled.  Hope and chasing your dream can happen.

Bear is yelping for attention so had better go.  No doubt I will do my normal blog tomorrow, at least with all that has gone on I haven't had much time this week to feel sorry for myself, have been to tired to think!

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