Sunday, 6 October 2013

Afternoon Out

Mornings are starting bad but I guess that is also down to the cancer and being immobile all night, but yesterday I actually picked up earlier than I had the day before, even though I had insomnia the night before.
I couldn't even read as my Kindle was flat!  The iPad would have kept pinging so that would have woken Gary so for 4 hours I laid there, my mind going all over while my body tried to rest.  Finally a knock out pill after 2 pm and I slept.
The DN's didn't come yesterday, they did ring around 4 but I was ok with the fluid that was building up, heavens if I can deal with 5 litres I doubt 500ml to 1 litre will make much difference. 
Although cloudy it was warm outside and hubby did that "Don't take my head off but how about" and I was up, a walk with the dogs, ok a very short walk but out in the fresh air and a change of scenery.
It was fun and of course I love the sound of leaves under foot, Autumn is here and that is the sound that I associate with it.  So he taped me, unbeknown to me!  We also went conker collecting, it is good fun and of course when you put them in the house they are supposed to stop spiders!  They have worked in the old lounge and office, but the conkers could do with being refreshed in there now.
Chris also called round for a natter, although a quick one it was good to see her, how fast a week can pass without seeing your friends but when you are under the weather you really can't be that bothered either.
The dogs enjoyed me being out with them too, so all in all it was a good day.
I am noticing one thing, on a morning I am really breathless, whether this is the fluid from the night building up or the cancer itself I am unsure.  This is one thing the chemo will help if it starts to work, whenever I manage to start it of course.

Yesterday was conference day, I know that Linda (Doing something positive) will update us on the points raised which are so important to us all.  I hope they all had a marvellous day though, nothing like meeting up with others in the community.

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