Thursday, 24 October 2013

I've Got Cold

I had a sore throat a couple of nights but thought I had managed to dodge it becoming anything else.  How wrong was I, yesterday I started sniffing and then during the night I was coughing, ears aching and itchy, throat razor sharp.  I can't believe it, I have stayed away from work, meeting people etc.  My poor District Nurse is to blame for my bugs, coming last week with a sore throat on Monday then poor thing was full of cold on Thursday.  I didn't spend any time near her, well breathing close to her, she obviously was in my space as she had to clean the drain hole.
I emailed the doctors to ask if I should start some Amoxicillin (handy I have some in the cupboard) and I got the go ahead.  I will also be starting steroids to help with my breathing. 
My Macmillan nurse came today to and we spoke in length about the problems I am having breathing when I climb the stairs.  Hard to believe in August I could do these without a problem, now I have to stop and start 3 times before reaching the top then am still breathing hard.  Oramorph apparently works well for this, so will try tonight.  We finally got an Oxygen register to work, it took several attempts for it to register, my fingers must have been cold, but while I was sitting my stats were at 95.  They were 98 in September when I had my drain fitted, we both wonder if I still have fluid in my lungs, and then this cold isn't going to help either.  Although 95 isn't bad, I have been a lot lower, I am usually around the 98 or 99.

Have taken a quick snap shot of my new fashion accessory, my patch that will be with me forever.
I am pleased I am starting to get a little flabby as the skin doesn't have to keep stretching when the fluid is present.
Bear was desperate for me to tickle his tummy and I couldn't resist, it was worth being breathless for, just that bonding time you have when you tickle him and his tail wags constantly.  Although I had stopped to take this picture.  He is such a darling, all the nurses love him.
Lexi in the meantime was sitting pining for her dad to come back, he had gone into my work to pick up some more paperwork.  I have plenty to do tomorrow, I have done a little today but not enough due to visitors.  Now as time is ticking on my energy is zapped.

The blue sky was certainly a welcome today, looking out onto the garden and seeing sun certainly lifted my mood.  The doors and windows have been open letting in lots of fresh air, only problem is the flies are still around and always manage to find their way inside!
I was asked a couple of weeks ago to write an article for Mesotheliomahelp on cyber friendship amongst the meso circle.  I have many friends who I have never met, many are carers but quite a few are other meso sufferers.  Lou has travelled a similar journey to me and although we only became meso mates a couple of years ago I wrote about our friendship.  You can find the article here.
My appointment for the CT Scan requested by Dr Hughes has been organised for Monday at the RVI.  Gary is going to love this as we will be stuck in the middle of Newcastle at Rush Hour!  Dear Lord, I'll tell him tonight after he's eaten a nice meal!
We have been watching Tom's Pub Grub and decided to try his short ribs.  Gary ordered the ribs last week from the butcher.  Yesterday he picked them up and we covered them in the herbs required.  Today we mixed the BBQ sauce and at the moment they are cooking ever so slowly in the oven, I have a feeling they won't be ready for tonight's dinner but the smell is divine when you walk into the kitchen.  I will let you know how they taste!
Time to take a rest, we have a few hours of Outback Truckers to watch, an excellent program on wagons travelling the long roads in Australia.  This is certainly giving us a view of the scenery our friends across the ocean enjoy.  Australia is still on my bucket list, I wish now I hadn't procrastinated on so many things, this being one of them as the flight there is out of the question.  A bit too far to take a boat there and back!!
To my fellow meso mates keep your chins up, every one says you must stay positive but this isn't always possible but we do know that having a positive outlook can influence our health.  I know I have been down in the dumps these last few months, the changes my meso has gone through and the new normal I am becoming accustomed too has been hard but for me I think I may be over that hump, just hope the cold doesn't linger.  If you are feeling down think of tomorrow being a better day, one day it will be.
Thanks to everyone for the support you have given me and I hope in some small way I have helped you understand the difficulties we face, the longer we survive and fight the harder the battle sometimes, but in the end living is worth it.


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