Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Chest Infection

This week has been full of lows for many in our community, a close meso friend is sitting by the bedside of her husband not sure whether he will pull through an infection in his chest and to find that in two short weeks his meso has grown faster than in 3 years.  My heart is breaking for her and knowing all I and many others can do is send comforting words feels rather weak.

On top of that Mavis received bad news that the meso decided to stop responding to treatment and Steve is Oz thought his days were numbered but thankfully his oncologist has come up with an new plan, something different but still with chemo.  This disease can change from one day to the next and we keep forgetting that.  I more than many others have procrastinated my life, always believing there will be a tomorrow.  I have never known my own demise come so fast, weight is dropping even though I am drinking proteins drinks, eating crisps, milk, chocolate, rubbish as well as roast dinners, veg.

I had a phone call on Tuesday asking me to go in for chemo that afternoon, I had to turn it down as my dear friends from my meso circle were making a long journey North just to visit for a couple of hours.  They offered me then to go into hospital for the night and have the tablet Wednesday morning then came back and asked me to go in Thursday at 2 which was perfect.  They then rang this morning and asked me to go today but I told them I had cold and it was my final day on antibiotics so we agreed to leave it till tomorrow.

My wonderful Macmillan Nurse, Shirley, arrived and I was having a coughing fit.  I hadn't been worried about it being a full on chest infection because the phlegm was white and fluffy, no longer, heavy dark green that is obviously sitting low in my lungs.  Without any messing around she told me straight that having chemo could be detrimental to my health, leaving me in hospital fighting for my life.  As it was I was fighting to get this up, in fact had been since last night.

I rang the oncologists secretary for her to cancel as I have no idea who to contact at Freemans.  So am disappointed but then my Doc called and gave me a new prescription to attack the infection together with some tablets to make the mucus thinner and easier to expel.  He said it was the right decision, also when I got there  tomorrow they would probably send me home anyway.  So saved a journey for nothing.

I will post some pictures when I am on the computer of Barry and Heather, unfortunately Bear would not pose nicely for pics yesterday, and was quite unsocialable.

I had zero energy yesterday after going for the scan at the Rvi.  I was shocked how poor my breathing was just walking from the car to the XRay department, thoughts of wheelchairs are now in our minds, maybe just to help out until the chemo kills the meso.

Gary cooked a Full Sunday dinner for us yesterday, I hope that both Barry and Heather liked the soft veg, Gary and I are terrible for soft food.  The afternoon was delightful and boy did the time fly, at least they arrived home safely and it was great catching up, although I did feel guilty not playing a good hostess.

Today has been busy too, after the doc my best friend Lorraine called then Joyce came over, I have never talked so much as I have these last few days.  I had planned on going to healing but after having such a bad coughing fit this was ruled out, going from a warm house to a cold car then to a cold church would surely cause more.  I am disappointed that I missed it but hopefully next week I will attend it.

For a change Gary has made pork ribs in a salt and spice marinate , they smell delicious hopefully won't be too hot to handle.  On that note I am closing my blog.  I would ask that you all take a moment and ask for healing for everyone who is suffering, that one thought can help someone somewhere. And then also ask the angels to send to someone you care for.  My healing requests are for those above plus the rest of my meso circle.

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