Thursday, 1 September 2011

Blasting Day

Today's the day my friend will get a blasting.  I am due at the Freeman's Cancer Centre at 10 to get measured and zapped.  I have no idea whether it's 1 or 5 sessions at the moment, all I do know is that the lump has grown.

The oddest thing I am noticing is the little fire spots I keep getting inside, not just where the lump is though and I fear its probably the rest of the tumours talking to each other.  Its like little red hot needles suddenly igniting in your body then going out.  I have had them on and off for a while but now they seem to be more noticeable and much more often.  My biggest fear is that once it gets a hold again there is no stopping this damn cancer.

On a brighter note I had an email from Ben Leer asking if I could ask other meso sufferers to get in touch with him.  He set up the website for pleuramesothelioma and is now working on the mother website  They are asking for a small questionnaire to be completed, if you would like to take part could you email him on

Oh well, time is looming so I had better get my act together, I am not a morning person anymore and the thought of rushing around doesn't appeal at all.

Lyndia, am doing something positive and finally getting a few days away!!! 

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