Thursday, 22 September 2011

Holidays are coming

I have been trying to find as much info out on Excessive Bile as possible and believe it or not but there isn't really that much out there.  Lots on acid reflux but not alot for my newly diagnosed condition.  I think the chemo set it off and the removal of my gall bladder finished if off for me.  Whether I will be allowed chemo in the future will depend on what the stomach specialist says next Thursday but I know for certain I couldn't go through the last chemo scenario again with my insides opening up like a ripe tomato, yet I am worrying before I need to because chemo isn't on the table at the moment.

My lump is still a lump - did I expect it to go down - yes!   Although the burns have returned they are slight in comparison of prior to the radiotherapy so at least I am having some reprieve from burning pain, although my left boob is back feeling un-normal (for want of a better word).  I haven't heard from my oncologist or the specialist that carried out my radiotherapy and believe it or not but I still haven't received a copy of the scan from July. 

Our Nev was told he is on a 2 year waiting list for a lung biopsy can you believe that, I'm not sure whether the doctors around here just have it in for our family!  He has been told he has plaques from asbestos but how do they know they are plaques? 

Good to know that Steve's results were good last week, always a pick me up when we hear good fortune for others, just a shame they have to have meso to start with!

I received an email back from Dr Gilliams, the cost of thermal is approx £13,000 plus £150 for reading the scans.  Inflation has risen quite a bit in 4 years as I am sure it was £10,000 in 08 and no charge for reading scans.  I may as well wait until after the next scan to think about it otherwise it will cost me another £150 to see whether its worth waiting till after Christmas or doing beforehand.  I know I keep saying I am going to hold off treatment and take a relax but then I am always afraid I leave it all too late.  If I hadn't had cryo in March I would hate to think how large those 4 tumours would have grown to.

I am so looking forward to tomorrow, it will be our first holiday this year, ok its a long weekend, but to feel sun on my bones will be wonderful.  Have a lot to do today as well as throw our stuff in a suitcase tonight, thankfully the girls are coming over to dogsit so no worries there. 

Seems the sun has even come out up North, even though it still manages to rain at least once a day we have had blue sky's for the last week .. first ones since summer started!

I hope you all have a good weekend, don't let the meso ground you down and if it does write it down - get it out of your system.

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