Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Meso Pills take away the fun

It was truly great to feel the sun on my bones although like normal I jinxed the weather and we had a thunderstorm on Saturday.  Why is it that our lives are so different now to before.  I had a couple of drinks on Friday afternoon while travelling to have the worst headache on Friday night.  I left hubby and friends in the bar enjoying the warmth of the evening air and went to bed.  The only thing I can complain about the hotel was the hard pillows and beds.  My back ached the next morning and so did everyone else's.

My stomach wasn't that great either on the first morning away and the panic of am I doing the right thing booking a week away with the girls jumped into my mind but on Sunday I felt a lot better and thought Jan get on with it.  Live girl otherwise what's the point.  At least if you have rotten guts in Greece you have the warmth and the sunshine!

I looked at every picture I could of the hotel outside - each sunbed looked covered in a 2inch mattress instead of just plastic, by the pool they had soft ones but on the Sunday by the sea front we had to request a mattresses from the pool area. (No sun on the pool area until 2pm)  We were granted to have one after tracking down the Assistant manager but then I started other guests requesting them, so if I go next year I doubt they will comply.  Why can't we have comfort on sunbeds?  Although I guess many people don't have skinny bones that are misshapen and hurt to lie on!

On the way home I managed to whack my tender meso tumour with the seat belt buckle and it brought tears to my eyes (I don't wear seatbelts in cars) and for hours the thing ached.  When we got home Bear was so excited he knocked me flying and nearly broke my nose, sending blood spurting all over the place!  Was it worth it, yes just for 2 days of lying in sunshine I did feel better.  Food wasn't too much of a problem as I eat very little but the choice is much easier in Spain than Dubai, did I drink - no after having such a rotten headache on Friday I sipped one drink for hours on an evening. 

Hubby thinks I have changed and wants the olde me back, what can I say, I can't come off the minding\mood changing tablets without cold turkey and that my friend will not happen again, but these same tablets also don't agree with alcohol for me so Tea Total looks like the only way forward unless I want the worst headaches - I have had 2 of them now and both after having just a couple of drinks. 

Whoever said life was easy was a total liar, honestly some people don't know they are born when they roll out of bed and feel normal, I truly wish I was one of them, I can taste the envy in my mouth!

6 days and I do it all again with the girls, although I don't fancy the longer flight to Greece, but then we are staying for 7 nights and not 3. 

On another bad note, my CT scan still hasn't arrived, it will be so out of date by the time I receive it, if ever.

Keep up the good fight, wherever possible, and yes I am luckier than some at the moment as I'm not having to deal with chemo and for that I should be and I truly am grateful.

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