Monday, 12 September 2011

Picked myself up

I managed to pick myself up on Saturday, whether it was will power or not I don't know but after I had a shower I put one of those pain patches on my left bottom ribs and that seemed to remove the feeling of being stuck.

Sunday was a much better day, even managed to walk the dogs in the wind, although it did take my breath away a couple of times.  Although walking the dogs wasn't that difficult as Bear didn't want to wander far from Lexi and she didn't want to wander far from us.  Poor Bear is so frustrated, he hasn't a clue really what to do just knows that his body has to do something. 

I had quite a disturbed night with him, he was barking on and off all night crying for her to come to him and scratching at doors.  At one point when I came down the stairs to him I slipped and fell back over, giving my head a whack on the stairs. 

Since Wednesday the meso lump felt like it was really improving but last night I noticed I had quite a few fire flare pains and the lump seemed to weigh heavy on my chest.  I do hope the treatment has worked.  Over the weekend I spoke to Chris Scott who was diagnosed the same time as me, he is half way through his 3rd round of Alimta.  The nausea seems worse this time was his only complaint, not sure whether there is more to that but Chris always seemed to tolerate the treatment well.

Alimta seems to do the job with his meso, he was telling me he had growth of some 7mm and that they decided to start the chemo straight away.  Fingers crossed it carries on doing its job for him.

Better try and get a work head on this morning, not that I feel like going in at all.  Think I might take Bear in with me and give both dogs a break, Lexi from having her ears washed out and Bear from panting constantly.

live for the moment as they say .....

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