Friday, 16 September 2011

Friday High's

I can't believe it but for the first time in months I overslept.  We had company arriving today but at 8.30 my stomach felt lousy and I didn't want to get up, I turned over and went back to sleep.  I only hope this doesn't happen next weekend otherwise we'll miss the plane!  Hubby got me up and after a coffee that sat heavily I started feeling somewhat human.  I know why my stomach was off, we had chips both Wednesday and Thursday night so my own fault.

Mirela and her sister came up for a quick visit, we weren't sure who she was visiting as the majority of the time Alex and Mirela were with Bear on the floor.  He posed all day for photo's and certainly enjoyed all the fuss, leaving Lexi a little jealous.

It has been some 2 years since we have seen Mirela and to see her in the UK was wonderful.  It will be a long time before she visits again so I hope she enjoyed seeing the North East for a few hours.

My lump isn't improving, the fire flame pains have returned for sure.  I remember meeting a guy at a carers day who had had mistletoe injected directly into his meso lumps and they disappeared - if anyone out there knows how this is done by whom please let me know.  I haven't been a full on advocate of mistletoe but in this case I think it is worth a shot.

I have also emailed Dr Gilliams to get some further information on the thermal ablation, I can feel 2 little peas in my back on the right side when I lie down, and a couple in my left.  I am still wondering what happens to this lump - now the radiotherapy has been over 1 week will it shrink and go down or stay the same size as it is now?  Usually my radiotherapy has only been on drain sites for prevention and usually hits my bones.

For the first time in weeks I am pouring myself a B & C so time for a drink and hopefully my excessive bile will give me a break for a day.


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