Sunday, 27 May 2012

Meso in the English Sun

This week has been one of the worst in my life, and for once it has nothing to do with mesothelioma.  I must admit though that my pain hasn't been that bad for UK. 

The pain suffered after the flight to Majorca wasn't as bad on the return home but Tuesday was my worst day for pain in my back.  I have noticed that my kidney area is starting to stiffen up more than before.  As you all know I love the sun, it makes the aches ease and usually removes all the pain, but due to circumstances this week I have decided that stress can also cause alot of the pain.  Last night after spending the afternoon in the garden I ended up taking a muscle relaxant to ensure I didn't wake up all stuck together.  Sometimes I wonder if I still have endo as well, which could explain some of the feeling like I am stuck together feeling.

Since Wednesday afternoon I have been home in the garden,  I can't remember a day that I have never  turned on the computer and done work, linking in and sorting this or that out.  I decided enough was enough and walked but it isn't that easy when the company you work for is owned by your own brothers. 

I certainly chose the right week in terms of the weather as you can see me and Bear have enjoyed spending this time together, and he has certainly enjoyed the extra treats that have been on the table by the sunbeds!

Trying to load his and Lexi's photo's but it just isn't working tonight and the system seems to be stalling.  Never mind you will have to put up with me and bear together.  I looked at this shot and can't believe how much weight I have managed to put on.  This time last year I looked like a skeleton, I didn't have any arms, just pins and my belly was non-existent.  Well I guess the weight is good for me just wish it didn't mainly sit in the one place us women hate... our stomachs!

By using Factor 50 on scars and radiated area's I have so many different shades of suntan, I know I am getting on and really should wear a full bathing suit but my mind still thinks I am young (well some days anyway).

With the light nights and spending so long outside I have just realised how late it is, usually I would be in my chair by now fighting to keep my eyes open and at the same time dreading going to bed knowing I will wake up with pain in the morning.  It is amazing how the sun can change your routine.  Speaking of routine, Lexi has come into season again, I always remember our dogs having less as they got older so I think it must be something to do with having a boy around that has changed her clock.  By the end of this week she will be rubbing up against him and giving him the come on, he will again stop eating and follow her everywhere panting and breathing heavily.  I hate this period for him and thought of moving to my parents house for the 4 day period, only trouble is if I go their I start crying! 

Still a lot to think about and if the sun stays out tomorrow I may find myself in the garden, decisions we have to make.

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