Monday, 21 May 2012

Meso Relief Doesn't last long!

Sorry Amanda I couldn't catch the sun to bottle it for us, I tried sending a harpoon with a very very long string so I could attach it to the plane and drag it back - but to no avail, the sun (even if it was varied weather) refused to move and come to the UK!

My meso pains left my body on Friday and for the first time since I can't remember when I felt human, no holding my side,  stroking my 3rd or lifting it to support the weight, no back ache, no heart ache ....I was normal.  Short lived though, only home less than 24 hours and the iron cage has descended already around my left side, my 3rd has started its firery nips and my body is regaining pain.  I said to hubby I would rent or buy somewhere in the heat if we didn't have our babies and his face fell, meaning he won't even if we didn't have the mutts.  His idea buy a heat lamp and sit in front of it, I thought why not buy 20 and put them all around a room - oh isn't that central heating and that doesn't work.

I have down loaded the 6 photo's I took on hol and am pleased to say that this is the wonderful couple I met on hol, Ken and Linda.
We hardly discussed the meso, after all meso had gone on holiday and for Ken I hope it stays there.  Just sorry that the chemo has left him with a limp but like many others I know he suffers no pain .. yes you guessed the green eyed monster crept into my mind - why do I have so much pain!
The holiday was certainly good for both of us, I managed to read a couple of books and hubby bought the Daily Mail for the 4 pages of puzzles and crosswords that kept him occupied.  I did feel sorry for him as he has got into the cricket stuff that is on in India but we couldn't get the channel nor would it play on the Ipad for him.  Flying back I did feel the change in my chest again, a few sharp pains in the back and a heaviness in the chest.  My GP had kindly organised an X-Ray for me at Bishop hospital so I called in this afternoon and had another dose of radiation.  I have become friendly with the operator and it was nice to see her on this side instead of the CT Scan, she knows my fear of needles.  I'm sure we will shortly find out what my air pocket is up to after flying. 

I haven't had as much time to catch up on the rest of the mesothelionians blogs but I am sure I will get up todate by the morning, I hope Debbie doesn't feel any worse (sorry I read your blog after I emailed you this morning!). 

I hope the sunshine follows us and the sun gets back into all our bones, sufferers and carers alike, nothing better than heat and sun the natural way.

To Tracy, keep strong and I pray things get sorted out soon.

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Tracy said...

Thank you Jan, you are a wonderful friend. I am blessed to have found you.