Friday, 18 May 2012

Meso in the sun -Part 2

The weather came back yesterday and my aching bones once again started feeling good with the heat penetrating right into the marrow, unfortunately the temp drops so much and without the humidity factor (like in Dubai) it was cold as we went to dinner and the wind picked up, needless to write what I am going to say but the sky today is Grey and cloudy. I woke up this morning in agony, my back felt like I had been doubled in half all night and was. Trying to straighten up, my 3rd boob ( will have to give it a name) was heavy and I really was concerned about the well being of my mental state. What am I doing fighting for survival when all I get for it is pain and more pain. I did receive some fantastic news today, Dr Abtin is making progress with Harefield Hospital... I understand from his quick email that a Radiologist Team may go to Ucla and watch cryoablation on a meso tumour. It is certainly a step forward and something we have been trying to achieve for some 4 years! Although this may not help me hopefully they will see the benefit and commence the procedure in the UK. After just the short flight here I think it may prove that my air pocket does increase each time I fly and long haul could certainly prove to be more dangerous, my chest and heart feel so heavy, I have again lifted the morphine but am not receiving the benefit of pain relief. I was going to load a picture to prove the sun shone but I can't load one from the IPad, so you will just have to believe me when I say I have one day's suntan! As soon as I have more info on cryoablation in the Uk or any info to help push its along I will let you know. One last thing, but not least, Please visit the travel site and pledge money for another meso sponsor run, When I get home I will publish more info as I don't know how to post links on this thing either! Hopefully I will be able to take my top off soon and relax, otherwise they might find me hanging from the balcony!!!


Anonymous said...

Might have been Hubby's alterior motive all along to avoid Dubai and all... to have you in a position to hold onto as in the begining love.... no need to burst his bubble by telling him it's more for the warmth of his body than the LOVE. But no harm as long as eveyone's happy.
I await the photos...... even if in the event of foul weather: you must perch on the radiator, with the desk lamp shining on you, but hey No TANLINES lol Making the most of the situation as they say.
Make the most of today, as they are tomorrow's memory!
Chin up Luv, xo T

Anonymous said...

Cling to hubby for extra warmth ;)
I await photos even if you must perch on a radiator with the desk lamp shining on you -basking you in its warm glow (albeit a small area)you know working with what you have/silver lining & all that jazz.(no tan lines)
I'm certain that the 4 legged children are being thouroughly spoiled in your absense.

Make the most of today, as it is tomorrows memories!
Chin up Luv, xo T