Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Meso not in the Sun

What a disappointment this morning, the blue sky of yesterday was replaced with heavy grey clouds today, I swear I jinx the weather. Yesterday while lying in the heat my bones felt great we did at least a two to three mile walk right around the bay no breathlessness at all and I felt good. On the way home from dinner the temp dropped and by the time we got to the room my back had internal icicles stabbing outwardly - I was nearly human but alas short lived! Two friends start chemo for the very first time and I pray all will go well, knowing Debbie, Theo will certainly be in for a shock, facing the treatment for the first time is so unnerving, you are on tender hooks waiting for the side effects to take hold. I heard from Denise and am pleased to say her first one has gone well, very slight side effects so long make it continue. Hubby has opened the crossword so guess its time to go and make my brain do some work. Just hope the sun remembers to come back, knew we should have risked a long flight and gone to Dubai!!

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Tracy said...

Why will google not allow me to comment tonite? :(
This is terribly sad as I am being quite clever *sigh** and sadly you will not share in the humour with me. It is tragic really. Until next time. Chin up Luv, xo T