Thursday, 10 May 2012


I hate cruelty to animals and sign petitions and do donations,  I hope my regular and even drop ins will take two minutes and follow this link to sign this one.

I recently signed the petition to urge Thailand to crack down on illegal dog smuggling. Will you join me?

Eating dog meat is widely regarded as uncivilized in Thailand, but smugglers in northeastern Tae Rae export an estimated 30,000 strays to Vietnam every month, at a price of $10 per head. In Vietnam, grilled dog meat sells for three times the price of pork.
Stray dogs are corralled daily and crammed into wire cages before being smuggled through illegal river borders. Though most are exported to Vietnam, a minority are butchered and sold as "meat" in Thai open markets. Local residents complain about the disgusting practice.
If you have a chance read some of the other petitions like Clubbing Seals, protecting tigers etc, I only hope that this does help someone think about what they are doing.

On another note, yesterday I had some healing and I hope that it causes the same reaction as last week.  I know that I am hoping for miracles and it is a great leap and I always ask for healing to go to everyone with mesothelioma.  If one night you wake up dreaming you are being sick maybe the healing is working for you.

I read Mavies' visit to the hospital to have her line removed and her feelings of sitting in the chemo lounge hit it back home with me.  My heart goes out to everyone that goes through it and my stomach turns everytime I think about it.  I was pleased to hear that someone who had been on the Adams trial had managed shrinkage, we never hear from the horses' mouth (so to say) whether treatments are working or not.  It would be good to hear more from others who are trying different things to find out if there is shrinkage, stable or it didn't work.  This information is invaluable to those who are thinking about the next step.

I heard from another mesothelionian who has had her first one and so far no side effects, she is on day 11 so I hope she continues to be the same. 

I have felt extremely tired all week, just no energy, my legs seem heavy, my back not that full on icy feeling inside where I can't get it warm, but cold nonetheless. 

Maybe I am just in need of some sunshine, I know I lived for 4 years without the knowledge that I had cancer and I still managed to lay a patio, revamp our house, tearing ceilings down and rebuilding walls, but I was never this tired.  I wonder why it takes more out of me now than it did then?

Time for my weekly aromatherapy, I hope you take the time to sign the petition and I will let you know if I dream tonight about being sick!

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