Sunday, 20 May 2012

Meso In The Sun Part 3

After a good start, then downward tumble on Wednesday then in between cloudy/sunshine thereafter we have enjoyed the break. I have gone from high to low and high again in the space of 7 days, wonder how hubby copes with me sometimes. We are hoping we will be able to rent the room for an extra hour or so as we don't leave till 3, wish we were going later as the sun hasn't been coming out till 4 on an afternoon, the worst thing about holidays after airports is the packing! I woke up yesterday with no pain, the sun had seeped into my bones, and I felt alive. Last night we had a few drinks in the bar with a lovely couple we meet, my head is paying the price this morning. Ken has been left with a dull (for want of a better way) leg after his time on chemo. I think fate sometimes has a lot to do with things as Ken and Linda sat down on the sun beds next to us And his walking stick went flying, obviously kicking up a conversation, on the evening he passed us and stopped for a few minutes explaining that his chemo had left him with a stick, I asked what cancer and nearly sprung out of my seat when he said meso. Yesterday we had a bit of a chat but hardly spoke of our mutual friend, there is life and meso. We meet up with them on the front for a couple of drinks and had a really good laugh. T thanks for your words of wisdom, happy memory created! Today we will leave what looks like great weather here to cold weather back home. My wonderful Gp has organised for an XRay but I hope that I don't have to go back through those pains again of Tuesday night/Wednesday. Time to start trying to pull round and pack before getting some last minute much needed rays in my bones. If I could bottle the sun I would bring it home for us, maybe it would give my fellow mesotheliomians a lift too, having a quick catch up Mavies could certainly do with some.

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amanda said...

Hi Jan, the good news is you are bringing the sunshine back with you - we are forecast for a week of sunshine with a mini heat wave all week.... here's to the sun keeping the warmth in or bones