Saturday, 14 July 2012

Heat in the Bones

The sun has shone and the heat has made a difference once again. True to form I jinxed the weather and we had heavy cloud till 4pm today but it is still warm, sorry hot!

What a difference to wake up in the warmth and my bones not hurting, truly wish we could live somewhere where heat and sunshine isn't a problem but then the dogs would suffer.

So far have walked the bay everyday, ok it's flat here but it is still a long walk from our hotel down the pine walk.

Have sat back and started to actually read my creation, I'm now not sure about a couple of the first chapters and am fining spelling mistakes even though I thought I had corrected them all. Overall though I am enjoying reading it and feel quite proud of my achievement.

Hubby was up at 5.40 this morning armed with camera trying to capture some early morning bird pictures as well as the sun rising on the sea, getting quite arty in the family lately. I hope the sunshine I sent on order has arrived giving the UK a break from wind and rain.

Hoping everyone with pain finds some relief with the sun, I'm going to try and enjoy, no etch these days in my memory as pain free.

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