Sunday, 1 July 2012

Mesothelioma go away!

I have found that sitting over my desk all day is doing my meso no good.  My left side aches dreadfully and then on Thursday my right side had an old familar feeling, it felt like my rib was stuck to my right lung. 

I have been lapse with blog reading and emails because I decided to write a book, believe it or not it is nothing to do with meso.  Problem is I get so single minded and I had to write every spare moment I had, it felt like nothing else mattered I'm sure if hubby wasn't cooking I would be a skelton still stuck in the chair with my fingers on the keyboard.

Work seems to be same old same old, the house market is still stagnent, the tax man is expecting his P11D's and I forgot all about them.  I have mountains of work stacking up but I just can't get back into it.  My feelings regarding my job haven't come back and quite honestly I don't know why I am still working. 

Our Transport Manager's wife is coming to the end of her chemo yet again, and I pray this time it has worked.  For the last 18 months she has been through one treatment after the other and to be honest I just don't know how she has kept her stamina.  They had planned so much to do when he retires in August but I think their plans went out of the window.  She is so weak at the moment and our weather just isn't helping anyone feel good. 

Hubby took the dogs early one morning last week over the field so he could go out with his camera.  I was just leaving the house when he rang and said one of the Deer was alseep in the field, how he and the dogs hadn't stumbled on top of it was a miracle.  Would I bring his camera on the way to work, so I met him over the fields but spent a good 5 minutes trying to see the Deer.  Finally it raised its head and this is my photo of it peering back at me.  It probably thought what is that stupid woman doing with that thing in her hand.  The grass is so long at the moment that today when we went over the fields I managed to play hide and seek with Bear!  You're right I couldn't find him.

I hope everyone receiving treatment this week doesn't have a rough time on the chemo, Denise is doing well with no side effects and for once isn't that nice to hear.  I also know Debbie hasn't done bad this time round either.  Maybe there is hope that it may not be as bad if I decide to give it a shot myself sometime in the future.

A friend of mine is trying to get me to join facebook, am I one of the only ones still not signed up?  I have no idea how to go about it and have managed this long to avoid it.  I joined twitter but can't remember my password or what email address I used when I set that up, needless to say I haven't used it since!  God help me with facebook and all the security you need to do.  I'll let you know if I manage to actually get signed up.

Wishing you a good week and willing the sun to shine on us.

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