Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Pains in Heart Feels like Ball & Chain

I know my meso is ATypical and does respond like most but at the moment I feel like I am having a growth period.  The last couple of days my heart has once again felt like a heavy lead ball has been connected to it and is trying to drag it down through my body!

My 3rd boob has also being doing a little more nipping.  I tried to lock both additional pains up in a box so that I could ignore them but no, this morning they were disturbing my sleep again ensuring I felt them.  All I wanted to do yesterday was come home and lie on the sofa but unfortunately I had too much work on.

I was so pleased to know that this year I would be able to attend the to Mick Knighton Memorial Service in Newcastle, only to find that I have my dates mixed up.  I just don't know what my brain cell is doing at the moment! 

Having being offered to be met at the train station from another long time Meso sufferer I was looking forward to a catch up, also with a few other people I haven't seen for a while or those I am in contact with via email.   I noticed this morning I have the day wrong, I thought it was tomorrow and I am sure my friend does too! 

All our staff at work are being hit by a bug at the moment, I swear it's due to human waste being spread on the fields around us.  Some days we can come out of the office and you feel like you are eating the stuff in the air.  So between that and work commitments I can't escape. 

Only a week plus days till I feel the sun again on my body, I had better start getting myself organised as my ironing is still there to do from the last one in May!  Terrible aren't I.

Its raining up here, I hope that the rest of the country see's some blue sky's I doubt we will.


amanda said...

Hi Jan
hope the sunshine does you good - it seems so long since it has visited us . We keep waiting for some summer evenings to sit out in the garden with a glass of wine- rather than debating if we should put the heating on.
have a good time

ps - I am constantly finding things in suitcases that I never got round to unpacking

Sir ackent said...

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