Thursday, 12 July 2012


I don't believe it the sky is blue and we are in, hang on still England!  This is the normal, we are going away today and we have what we all want here, beautiful blue sky and sun, this means that I will probably take the rain with me on holiday.

I truly hope the sun stays out and gives everyone here a feeling of wellbeing.  I know I am looking forward to feeling that heat on my bones, as well as looking forward to a week of relaxation.

Amanda I will try and send some sun home to you if we have any there.

Lexi already knew we were going before she saw the suitcase come downstairs, the guilt we feel leaving them.  She is singing, sounds like anxiety so we are worried once again that she will chew her self.  Bear is giving the big brown eyes and even gave me a love, which he doesn't do first thing on a morning.  How to tear at the heart strings!


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