Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Life and the internet

I have been lost without our internet, honest you would have thought my hands had been chopped off.  The Router decided to crash, one minute on the next off until finally it died.  Because of the complex set up I have at home with networks for work and home I couldn't just pop along to whoever and buy one, Monday seemed a long time away from Saturday I can tell you.

I have taken the step and tried to join Face Book.  Well I think I have, but I just can't understand how you find friends.  I don't like the idea of entering my email address in the box and it finds people I know, I think maybe a little dangerous as I could be giving out names that are then sold off for data services... or am I over cautious!

Wasn't the Queen a good sport for doing the opening at the Olympic's.

The loss of our internet hit hubby hard, not having sky (the tree's stop us getting good signals) so he was hoping to watch the coverage stream through the computer.  He wasn't a happy bunny.

I am making plans early this year for the Carers Day held in October, having persuaded hubby to come with one of our friends (who is helping me get my book up and running) and her husband. The men are off to the science museum and while we attend the meeting.  I wish I could get him into one but I have as much hope of that as Bear having pups - none.

At least I haven't done anything stupid for a week, no walking steep hills or climbing flights of stairs more than one storey.  All in all I guess things are ok, what can we say when each day brings something different. 

Sometimes I hear such sad stories about meso that I wish I had never heard of this cancer, let alone have it.  A friend in Oz has a partner who is having to be tube fed because of the meso, having to stay in hospital has contracted pneumonia.  Why is it when someone with meso goes in hospital they nearly always end up with this and I hate to say it but succumb to it?

Another friend of mine has let me know that things aren't going as well on the SS1P, she has a friend on it who hasn't done well and knows of a few others.  Why can't we just find the key to turn it off.  The thought of something hard and brittle developing inside my chest isn't a wonderful thought.

I emailed a friendly doctor of mine last week after my near killing myself expedition, he assured me my heart would be fine but meso has a nasty habit of growing on the structures which makes the pain that much more unbearable. 

I am sure keeping myself so busy with too many projects is keeping me going, I know that if I ever found the time to sit on my backside and have nothing to do despair would surely start creeping into my brain. 

I can see a little blue among the grey out there, typical need to go into the office today.  Hope where you are the sun is shining and meso is a black cloud far away over another planet!

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