Monday, 16 July 2012

Runny Nose

I have noticed that when I do some kind of exertion my nose runs, I noticed this when out walking the dogs but put it down to the cold temperature but here I haven't that excuse. Everyday I carry the bag downstairs and then my nose is running for a good hour. yesterday I did a really stupid thing, armed with our beach bag and four towels I climbed two flights of stairs from the poolside up to our room. By the time I reached the top of the 1st flight I was suffering but kept going. when I reached the room I could hardly breath, my chest thought it was caving in and my heart was pumping so fast. Finding the trusted inhaler I didn't think I had enough wind in my sails to take it. I got caught by hubby, who had left me to go to the shop, he went banana's at me for not taking the lift and said I couldn't be left alone. I tried to tell him that we have to push ourselves occasionally to see if we have declined in health!

The sun is helping the cancer pains but the rock hard beds, only ever found in Spain, are killing my back. It's quite breezy this morning here, I really don't think the weather throughout the world knows what it wants.

Hopefully heat in another hour or two and back to relaxing on the sunbed with kindle in hand and another book read. There's a strange thing too, the fiction book
I'm reading is on about Mesothelioma fibres. I think it's the first time I have ever read its name in something fictional.

Breakfast is calling ..

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