Sunday, 23 December 2012

Another Meso Christmas

I am sure that I and many others are celebrating the fact that we are still here and around to spend another Christmas with those we love.

Four years ago I didn't think I would see 2010 let alone 2013 and isn't it a wonderful feeling, yet this year there has also been a lot of sadness, more deaths to this terrible cancer than I have known about in previous years.

Yesterday I had a migraine from hell and thankfully this morning I woke up, ready to get my act together, although I was still tired.  I wanted to change the lounge round so we could have the TV in the centre of the room and the tree where the TV had stood.  Not so easy when you have a large curved sofa and neither of us knew how it came apart.  Hubby pushed and pulled and we heard a crack, the sofa came apart and the connecting bit broke.  Thankfully it weighs that much I doubt it will come apart when sat on!  The whole room has been turned around and I quite like the end result, although my chair is by the door so I will be the one getting up and down to let Bear out, maybe not such a good idea!

Trees are up in the lounge, hallway and kitchen, phew! Then it was finish wrapping presents, Lexi got excited then and started trying to peek into bags.  This is when I miss our Tyke and Dana the most, Christmas was an exciting time for them, both would guard the Christmas tree in case someone would dare steal a present from underneath but more so because they knew they had gifts there too.

My best friends arrived dressed in their elves customs once again and we exchanged gifts, tomorrow we have flagged as a baking day, it was suppose to be today but the trees and me wanting to rearrange the lounge took up most of the day. 

I would like to visit the shops but if the weather is like today then I will certainly give it a miss, hubby has to pick up the turkey and pork from the butchers - he will be there for 7.30 in the morning. We both know from experience that the queue outside will be 20 or 30 before 8 am.

I hope everyone else is ready for the one day that causes more strife, family arguments and so much spending, but then it wouldn't be Christmas would it.

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