Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Stomach Problems!

On Monday we discussed the possibility of chemo in the future, a very slim chance I can ever have it again and then under observation and probably a trial of sorts.  I was told that he could possibly administer some Alimta but at a much lower dose, no one to my knowledge has gone under 50% of their allocated dosage.  He said the side effects would probably hit hard but the treatment probably wouldn't do anything so was it worth the risk - No.  Hubby thinks he was trying to let me down nicely because he didn't want to sound like the man that said No.

I am, however, getting a blast of radiotherapy on Friday to that left breast, my 3rd boob hopefully will get a decent blast and stop paining me.  As he skipped through the ct scan he noticed an new growth inside my breast so hopefully the radiotherapy will stop it in its tracks.
Hubby and I both went to see the stomach man on Monday night, we believe hubby's is caused by stress, he has thickening inside his gullet, like a corn on ones foot.  He is under stress, I can tell by all the hard and dry skin around his heels and elbows, so it seems this is the same.  He had a quick feel of my stomach and then booked me an ultra sound, which I had yesterday.

What a nice doctor carried this out and found, to my delight it is what is causing the problems, what he thinks are stones in the bile duct.  They showed up white on his screen so fingers crossed they can blast them and that will be the end to my yucky stomach.  It could also be what causes the chemo to give me so much grief as it could be blocking part of the way to the bowel.
So I await to hear if Friday is on, I pray the radiotherapy will work and even getting rid of that one pain can benefit my quality of life.
On a different note we have decided to look for cruises next year, boy didn't realise how hard it was to find a cruise you like!  I had hoped we would do one in the start of the year but the little ships (which we have only ever been on) are fully booked.  Maybe it will have to be Dubai but hubby says I never eat when we are there.  Problem is it is too expensive to order a meal and waste it so rather than risk trying something I just don't really bother.  Mind the last time we went was when I was too thin, my eating habits have changed so much since then.

I must start Christmas shopping for those little things that make Christmas, now that I'm not having chemo I will be making an effort this weekend.
I hope Steve has a better week on the chemo than the last time and to everyone fighting this, Good Luck with your treatments and I hope the side effects are minor rather than major.

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