Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Date for Radiotherapy

I had a phone call on Monday to say that an appointment has been made for Friday to be marked up for my radiotherapy, that means goodbye 3rd boob I hope.
Believe it or not the appointment letter actually arrived yesterday and it tells me it will take upto 2 hours to sort out the radiotherapy, mark me up, my oncologist work out the beam widths etc and then I will have my blasting.  At least it will all be done on one day.
Its our last day at work on Friday too, I do hope I will get back to wish everyone a Happy Christmas.  Its the first time we are closing down for the whole of Christmas, usually we open up before the sites so we can catch up on paperwork etc but with the decline in our industry I doubt there is any paperwork to catch up on, except of course my desk, I am so far behind. 
Now I have started back on the omperazole my stomach is starting to feel slightly better, strange how a couple of nights without a tablet can make the whole situation worse and then getting back on top is a long road.  I am wondering whether my extremely bloated tummy is to do with the bile or the meso, I hope its the bile, although from what I have read it isn't a nice thing to have and is very hard to get rid of.
My bloods, when I saw the onco, said the Liver was elevated, I just hope the bile isn't causing some type of liver disease.  Maybe I worry too much.

I heard from a lovely lady in my meso circle who has just become a Grandmother, I am so pleased for her because she never thought she would live long enough to see it.  Another nice thing about it is that I am sure she will enjoy many years with her Grandson as her meso is staying stable and long may that continue.

Well that's it for now, will let you know how the radiotherapy goes, I have a feeling I am trying out the new machine, at least I hope I am!

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