Thursday, 13 June 2013

A visit to MKMRF Head Quarters

Finally I managed to catch up with the hardworking Chris Knighton at her offices in Wallsend.  I've known Chris since 2005 when The Northern Echo posted an article on her and the charity she set up on behalf of her late husband.
Although she started as a coffee morning to support those diagnosed with our cancer she saw the need for research and has fought tooth and nail for us to ensure money is used for research in the hope that something can be found to help.  She also wanted the danger of asbestos to be known and has campaigned tirelessly for this.
It was an easy decision for me to dedicate the book to MKMR, I love writing and if it can possibly raise money then nothing could be better.
Chris will be selling 'The DreamWeaver's Choice' at the Strawberry Fair on 13th July as well as at the Newcastle Action Day.  Unfortunately I won't be there as we will be on holiday for both.
We need to support our Charities, too many can dilute the funds causing less to be actually done.  It is good to know that in the case of Mesothelioma there are a few only, MKMRF, The June Hancock and Mesothelioma UK, each one working in different areas but all for the same aim, to help us with Mesothelioma.
So back to Chris, even hubby came too and after carrying the to boxes into the hospital we had to drag Chris away from her work load to have a cup of tea and a scone.  The coffee shop in the GB Hunter hospital is really old fashioned, the food excellent, all served on china.
It was lovely to hear how she met the queen but as her schedule was busy I didn't want to take too much of her precious time up.   I don't know where she gets the energy from, yesterday she was up early and away for her meeting with the scientific board.  No doubt tomorrow she is off doing something else.  I know that it was today only she had enough free time for a catch up.
I know she will do well when she speaks in Parliament on our behalf in July.  I hope this time those MP's don't fall asleep or walk out like they did when the last Bill was read.

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Jan said...

It was an exciting day yesterday, as Jan Egerton was delivering copies of her book, The Dream Weavers Choice, to MKMRF. Its a great read and I hope people will support Jan and MKMRF by buying a copy.

Jan knows only too well, its only by working together can we help fund the kind of research that could deliver real advances in the treatment and understanding of the disease. So fewer and fewer families have to go through the pain and suffering a mesothelioma diagnosis can bring.

Chris Knighton