Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Day at Work

Yesterday was full on, I went to work expecting my time to be busy but not to the extent it was.  The other problem was I sat for too long at my desk, skipped lunch and by 2.30 I was in pour agony.  Even worse I had a meeting to attend, so I wasn't able to sit.
I came straight home from the meeting, hoping for peace and quiet.  Knowing hubby was out with the dogs I thought it would be perfect to lie on the sofa and try and rest my back.  No such luck, between Lexi crying and whimpering on and Bear constantly batting the sofa arm wanting treats I didn't get the rest I so needed.
Acute Mesothelioma pain usually morphine (if the right dose is taken) gets straight on top of the pain, not that I ever take the right dose!) but for this you would think taking 20ml would sort it out but no, the Ibuprofen did nothing either so I went to bed in pain too.  I see the new physio tonight so hopefully he will agree with what my Thursday am one has been doing.  Just the thought of going through more pain from tonight till Saturday morning isn't something I want.  The pain usually gets worse after a treatment.
I also felt rotten again yesterday morning, am sure the champex aren't being nice so am in the wars but for once not with meso!
After a very grey day yesterday the sun is back out this morning, lets hope it stays again.  Have planned to have my hair cut at 2.00 today, just a trim as I doubt I will be able to sit in the chair for any length of time!
I spoke of a meso friend yesterday who I am really concerned about, although she didn't sound as breathless her doctor isn't taking the condition serious enough.  I often wonder why we have such a hard time being treated, it seems so unfair that we are ill due to know reason of our own and that as a victim we get nowhere, pretty much like crime in this country.  The criminal gets everything the victim nothing.
I wonder again what life is about, why do we fight so much to stay alive, what is it about life we love yet everyday we do the same things?  Maybe I am having my morning thing today but at times I could easily just lay in bed and go to sleep forever, especially when in pain. 
On that note I think I should close the blog, may start getting to deep, not good on a morning!

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Living the Cream said...

Hi Jan

I can't comprehend what you're going through and what my father has to expect. I started to read about your treatments and it made me feel very uncomfortable.

I hope my father has half the strength and will that you have.

Take care