Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sunday - Part 2

I had to have a sleep, such strange dreams, again caused by the smoking tablets, but I have continued, hubby has decided to stop using them.  I think tomorrow though I will only take half a tablet and half again for the rest of the week.  They are making me sick and my appetite has gone.  Last night for tea I made a crisp sandwich, Friday night instead of dinner I voted for a cheese toastie, but the dogs ate most of it.

We have finished packing, my back is achy and my left leg tingling, I am so pleased I took the painkiller early this morning.  Will take the next one with dinner, really want some roast beef and Yorkshire puds.  Trouble is keeping my eyes open.

There was a stakeholder meeting by Mesothelioma UK last week, I didn't get and will be interested to know what took place. 

Things may seem quiet on the Meso front but I know that the NHS is working hard to help create a way forward for us meso sufferers.  Although by the time they get the drafts finalised and in to practice we will be looking at a couple of years.  I do know they are hoping to open more meso centres around the country, this means more access to new treatments and trials for all of us instead of just in London.

They are also looking at recording evidence based facts on patients, following through all treatments.  This is something I have rattled on about quite a few times.  The latest draft says that in 2009  2,200 newly diagnosed cases were reported.  That doesn't make this cancer rare but because it is not widespread across the country they treat it as rare.  If someone in Whitby turns up with Meso it would probably be the only case likewise someone in Lyme Regis. 

I am totally worn out now, need to go down to my mam's next, somewhere I haven't been for a long time, I hope my emotions will stand up to it, as the last time I went in I expected to see her sitting in her favourite chair.

Hubby's pulled out two chickens to cook for the dogs, this is so our sitter doesn't need to worry about cooking anything for the dogs for a couple of days.  Hope the meat stays fresh in the fridge for longer than 2 days, although if he cooks them on Monday it should be ok till Thursday.  Since we have started cooking whole chickens for the dogs I have gone off it.  You can certainly tell the difference between the buy 3 for £10 to the ones that we eat which are free range.  For starters the bones are solid in the free range, in the 3 for a £10 the back bone is paper thin.  I honestly don't think Chickens get longer than 16 weeks of life before they are killed, when I was younger they lived until they were at least 6 months old.  Mass food for mass population, I think the human race is getting to big.

On that note I will close, my blog is done for the day and probably my next up date will be once we arrive on board ship.

Take care everyone, keep that nasty cancer at bay.

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