Wednesday, 12 June 2013

For Helen

A lovely photograph of a lovely lady.  Helen & Barry met up with Gary and I when we were all in LA back in 2011. 
In all the years I have been fighting I never thought I would still be here and both Helen and Debbie would have lost the battle before me.  Helen had surgery and thankfully was lucky enough not to have the same amount of pain from it as I.  She lived her life to the full with her wonderful husband Barry. 
My heart sank yesterday when Barry rang, I knew the moment his name came up on the mobile phone it was bad news.  My thoughts and prays are with Barry and his wonderful family and I truly hope that the 2 weeks the family spent out in LA will be one of the best times they had.  Renting a house where all the rich and famous live in town.
Another warrior also died yesterday, Colin Walker, he was only in his late 40's, he leaves behind a young family too.
These deaths are shameful, this cancer is criminal and yet asbestos is still used today.  Yes I am angry, I have grieved for two friends in a matter of days.

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