Friday, 28 June 2013

Relief Not!

I went to an new physio and yes he also put me through the paces, he warmed my back up though before starting to manipulate the nerve.  He says I am at stage 3 but I don't understand whether that's stage 3 in pain or stage 3 where the nerve is.  I know should have asked.
He said to me I would hate him on Wednesday for the pain I would suffer after he had worked on me and I did, well I didn't hate him but hated the pain I was back in.  He has offered to do some more work on it Sunday but whether that's a good idea before our hols I don't know.  My back is still sore.  With the added tablets for pain relief along with the champex for smoking I've also had a thick head, nothing like mixing tablets and feeling rough is there.
I know I am moaning again, I do laugh and chat about life outside of pain, but my blog is where it all comes out.  I don't like talking to others about the meso, with the exception of my meso mates, but I don't really discuss cancer with family or friends.
Gary's niece stayed with us last night and made dinner, that was sweet, she's off to the passport office today but doesn't really want to go on holiday because she has to fly.  We've tried to make light of her fear of flying but it must be hard when you do have such a fear, like me with needles.
The Great Yorkshire Show is soon and she is riding in it, it would have been nice to go and see her compete but we will be on our holidays.
Well that's it for me today, wish I could say my back had improved and looking forward to our own hols. I guess at this rate hubby will need to do the packing as I was told no bending forward.  Trouble is at work you have to bend forward and even in office work there is still lifting, my files weigh a ton!

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