Saturday, 15 June 2013

Saturday Again

Well the sun was shining at 6 am but by 10 the clouds have come across and rain looks heavy on the horizon.
My GP and lung nurse both phoned with the MRI results, thankfully, and I mean thankfully, the meso isn't affecting my back.  I have a protruding disc between EL4 & 5 which has trapped my nerve root.  I have no idea whether they can manipulate this back in but I hope so.  I don't particularly want to spend the rest of my days in agony with this as well as the blasted meso.
Can't help but write that I am feeling rock bottom, with the loss of both Debbie and Helen this brings it home to us that we won't last till our old age but will be taken long before we are due.  It isn't fair that I won't get to claim my pension or become one of those old relatives you want to lock up in a cupboard. 
Our beautiful Meso Warrior Lou is also facing up to trying new treatments, a risky one too, having had everything on offer her meso just doesn't know when to quit either and on Monday is going to see about a new radical treatment.  I hope the information is good but more so the risks aren't too big endangering her life.
I would like to have attended both funerals of my friends but getting to Plymouth is out of the question at the moment, a long trip when sitting for an hour is all I can do, but I had hoped to hop onto a train to Runcorn for Helen's, under instructions from Barry I am to stay at home and get better for my holiday.  I guess Helen would have said the same.
Time I moved my body and went with hubby and mutts across the woods, hopefully moving my body will get my leg working properly and I may improve in mood!
I hope you have a good weekend, wherever you are.

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