Friday, 7 June 2013

MRI Jitters

It isn't often I get the jitters about going for scans etc, but it was an MRI scan that showed up my original mesothelioma, not that they knew it was that then.  Just my chest lit up like Blackpool illuminations with white spots everywhere.  But it was still another year and some before anyone really looked at it.  I guess because I had it done privately no one thought of checking it further than to see if I had fluid, which I did.  The scan was never looked at again until the surgeon had a peep and knew something was in there.  But hey that was some 10 years ago and this one is different right?  This one is to see why my back etc is causing so much trouble.
I came home from work crippled again yesterday, only sitting in my chair for 30 minutes at a time, I don't know whether its the position or not.  Having just got up I have been flat all night and my back seems a little better, hope it stays that way today.
I did go and lie in the sun, although I spent most of the time asleep, the additional morphine is making me tired, so last night I knocked the additional 30 on the head and will try a extra nerve tablet today.
Bear was a tinker yesterday and stole my tea, he was eyeing it cup up for ages on the little table so I had to give in.

I don't know about everyone else but the swallows around our garden have been flocking in dozens but they are so hard to actually catch on film as they don't stay still for long.  Hubby had his camera out all day and finally managed to snap one just before it took flight again.

Such beautiful colours you would never think they had blue wings when you see them darting here and there.
Mavis has being asked to round us all up and fill out this questionnaire on behalf of BLF for patients and carers alike to say what kind of treatment they would like to see.  It is short but please fill it in.
I am so happy to read that my fellow bloggers are all doing well at the moment, Steve has been given the "Stable" news, Tess has gone for no 5, therefore must be having good results, Mavis is holding her own on the new treatment, Debbie is improving day by day.  I haven't heard from Amanda for a week or so, so I am hoping her and Ray are doing well.  One of the sad stories throughout face book is that of Janelle Bedel, her journey is coming to the closing chapters. 
It is heartbreaking when a person so young is diagnosed with this cancer, it is heartbreaking when anyone is, but especially more so when its a young mam.  Janelle has earned the title of Wonder Woman, I just wish a treatment to prevent death was here and available now. 
Excited to say the sun is out again, I hope for everyone else it brings the best out in you and you have a wonderful day.

I have also posted an article for which you can find here:

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