Saturday, 17 August 2013

Acsities Drained

Friday Morning was not good, I woke up with that burning in my solar plexus and knew I didn't feel well.  I came down and had a few mouthfuls of coffee before going back up to shower.  As I cleaned my teeth I felt the bile rise, I had no choice but to be sick, thankfully the toilet lid was already up.  The little coffee I had drunk came up with some thick gunk.  I took another Rennie and had a shower.
I had, for the first time in months, a massage on my legs on Thursday, I also had a small massage over my stomach to show me how to move fluid.  Whether this allowed the bile an escape route back up to my throat I don't know.  Since having a fat stomach the bile hasn't been a problem.
On the way to Woodlands my bile was uncomfortable but stayed where it was, a glass of water while waiting seemed to move it down a touch further.  I wished hubby had taken the phone in with us as he could have photographed the stages of my extended stomach shrinking.  It was amazing. 
The first needle did hurt, I can't lie, in fact the 3rd one did too!  But this time the needle didn't go 8 inches into me just  2 inches, a lot closer to my side and not too far into my abdomen.  It was done under scan, which ensured nothing was damaged either.  Makes me worry about what damage they did on the last attempt at Darlington.
To my surprise Dr D actually syringed fluid out, when I was first laid down on my back I couldn't see my feet, as he kept drawing fluid suddenly my toes appeared, then the top of my feet.  I was shocked I had been so extended.  He didn't have any trouble in draining syringe after syringe out.  He stopped when I said I could now feel him drawing the fluid.  That was when he put a bag on and let the drain do a slow job in letting the rest come out.  At first I stayed pretty flat but realised the drain was probably letting the fluid back in so I sat up. 

I sent hubby home to be with the dogs, there was nothing to do, plus the hospital room was so hot, he was starting to pass out.  I was kept company by Lou who was messaging me for most of the morning.  My blood pressure was up and did  a yo-yo, dropping to 70, rising to 87 back to high 70's then 90's.  I was tired but the morning flew.  I expected to be out by noon, but that came and went.  Hubby came back and again I sent him home, the fluid was still coming and I was happy (is this really me - happy to stay where I was!) to stay and get it all out.
No one again has said what is happening.  If the fluid returns I have no idea what I will do as yet, the consultant I saw who organised Mr D is on holiday for 3 weeks, I have my fingers crossed that the fluid will not return to my stomach.  I am concerned about the flight, but if there is little fluid in there surely the flight can't exasperate it, can it?
I weight 9.02 this morning, I have lost 8 lbs overnight, not that I recommend this type of weight loss.  Hopefully my insides will drop back into place shortly and I won't look the odd shape that I am at the moment.  Lisa told me I will be like after having a baby, the body will drop back into place.  Never being pregnant passed 12 weeks I now have an understanding of what it must be like. 
I did have the sweats quite bad during the night but this morning I didn't wake up feeling like a ton weight was resting on my chest.  My ribs feel normal instead of that feeling that something is behind them forcing them outwards. 
Today I am going to rest, looking outside I am disappointed, the weather is dull, windy and looks like rain.  Typical!  I can work on editing book 2 if I can keep my eyes open.  My BP was still low when I left hospital but am sure today on the sofa will put me back on top.
Happy days ahead, our holiday isn't that far away now, my stomach hopefully will go back to normal, ok I may have a little unfit roll but at 53 I'm allowed.  Just need to start eating again so that my arms don't look like sticks.
On a wonderful note, I reached our 17th Wedding Anniversary.  On our 8th I never thought I would reach this far so I am thrilled that I am still here and of course our marriage is still rock solid and we are still in love with each other. 
A lot of good news in the community too, many people have had clear scans, some are now 6 years clear of meso, that in itself is something to celebrate.  Wish I had been as lucky but then I am still here and many have not been able to share wedding anniversaries this year or birthdays.  This still hurts me, we have been robbed of a life due to the greed of man.  Man is the root of most evil in the world, either to make a quick buck or to kill for sport.  I won't go there today, its a good day.
Please spare a healing thought for me and everyone who is undergoing treatment, it doesn't cost anything to say please send healing to everyone with mesothelioma. ... Thanks.

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