Saturday, 31 August 2013

Day four - Sete, France

One good thing about holidays is the sun.  If I was at home I would be feeling the same but looking out at a grey sky.  At least here the sun is shining.

My stomach has grown again, not so much round the abdomen but more round the chest area, I look ready to give birth.  It is also quite heavy, my back is aching carrying the additional weight.  We have had our morning walk along the canal that lies just inside the town of Sete, it's always good to make the effort and wander down the streets.  We watched as a motor home pulled into a very tight space, it's front wheels were close to the edge of the canal.  Just as he finished parking a large bus tried to get through, we have visions of the motor home going plunk into the water below, hats off to the bus driver who just managed to squeeze through.

Last night we had dinner, one drink in the sky bar then came to bed, it was only 9 but hubby was tired to.  I try my hardest to stay up for him, after all it's his holiday too.  To be honest if I could just stay in the sun till 5.30 then pick up a decent movie I wouldn't bother going for dinner.  But the whole idea of the cruise is relax then dress up in your finery for dinner.

I have contacted my wonderful Gp again, he has said I can lift the water tablets again, so hopefully my water may stop and start leaving me.  My Gp has been the only support I have truly had from the NHS,   Considering I was Admitted twice to Darlington in July nothing has come back for any further appointments.  Flying can cause the heart to work too hard hence creating fluid in the lungs but this doesn't explain the large influx of fluid to my stomach.  I fear I may need to go straight from the plane to A&E on our return.  Unless I hear from the private specialist, but he was on vacation when we left home.  I believe he gets back after us too.

I have to admit I prefer the small Seabourn ships to the larger ones.  Yes they have more space per person and more amenities but are harder to befriend others or even remember the names of the staff. Sad that Seabourn are selling them.  I guess though it won't affect me because I don't think I'll be around to worry.

I wish we had this delightful weather at home, I was musing over the fact that I need sun and remembered my mother told me that for the first 3 months of my life she left me in my pram under a pear tree in the garden.  She often said I never made a murmur I just loved being out in the sun.

I should close here, lunch will be closed if I don't get a move on.

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