Thursday, 10 September 2009

All nerves

Its really a quick note as I am on tender hooks waiting to hear about 'K'. I really hope the operation was a good one and not too long.

I am also pleased with my own radio therapy, it is nothing like the last time, admittedly 5 years ago. But it does make me tired.

My website is coming on a treat, although I am writing my story of meso in chapters, the blog will still be kept uptodate as this is in realtime whereas websites aren't dealing with current feelings etc or the lastest news on someone in my meso circle.

If you know anyone that is undergoing treatments over the next few days please spare a thought for them. Its hard fighting this disease but sometimes it makes it more worthwhile when you know that others can benefit from your own experience and thoughts of good luck.

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Catherine Bonetti said...

Dear Jan, My name is Catherine Bonetti and I am the patient relations manager for Accuray the manufacturer of the CyberKnife. You may have heard about this cancer treatment recently coming to the UK? We are in the process of assisting a few patients with their NHS appeals and I am writing to you because it looks like you may have some information that may be useful to them. Would you please send me an email so that we can begin to correspond with each other? I would very much appreciate any additional information you can offer that might help these patients. Here is my email: Thank you in advance for your help! Catherine