Friday, 4 September 2009

Mesothelioma Operation

I just want to let the meso circle know that John is hopefully operating on another of my meso circle friends. I hope that all of you will put your thoughts to 'K' next Thursday and wish him a speedy recovery.

I can only hope and pray that its just his lung lining that is removed so a speedy recovery will follow. Also he hasn't had any type of surgery previously so hopefully his pain will be easier to manage.

I am sure John has mastered the skill of this operation to perfection but 'K' will still be unique as there aren't many of us around that have had this yet.

I am sure I will find out how he gets on, and hopefully he will let me publish how well he is doing once the surgery is behind him.

Read about my operation on

100% Wipe Out for Mesothelioma

which I wrote in February 2009

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