Monday, 21 September 2009

Forward without reverse

It's been a strange week, I haven't been to work at all which is odd for me.

I have discovered when I'm 50/50 I can't be bothered with work yet when I'm really ill all I want is to go to work. Obviously I am the one who buries her head in the sand. As at work you haven't time to worry about what's happening with yourself.

I don't know whether I would have felt better if the radiotherapy had been set up any differently on the 3rd day and I can't exactly find that out. My kidney area has been aching a bit and I have taken extra morphine.

I have heard that 'K' has no drains in and his lung as stuck well to the chest. Also Mr Edwards has been busy lately with more operations. Although his expertise will improve more the more operations he carries out there shouldn't have to be these drastic measures. Mesothelioma shouldn't be out there.

Why did the powers of be have to lie about the amount of new cases that would occur back in the early 70's! It seems more and more of us are being diagnoses.

It's 9 months for me and I intend to be around a lot longer, but the more you hear about how it returns etc it can unnerve you. It has me.

We need these drain sites back on the radiotherapy to do lists after any type of chest opening and not be left to chance that it may or may not stop the mesothelioma growing up through them.

At least my headaches seem to have sunken into the back of my head, one anti - inflammatory on a night and what a difference it makes not waking up with a rotten headache!

I went to publish the website yesterday but the thing wouldn't load so am in a pickle. I may have to re-write the whole thing in a different programme, hopefully someone will be able to help, but not this morning as I'm going to the docs for the results of my Blood MOT.

I had an email for Dr Abtin, after sending him my first scan of the operation, his comments were
"Great Surgery" as a outsider to my current procedures I thought this very nice of him and sent it to John.

It's carers day at Newcastle on 3rd October, I hope many of you will be there.

Enjoy your week and I'll keep you posted over the website.

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