Monday, 14 September 2009

Operation Update


Have spoken to 'K's wife this morning. He is doing well and should be on the ward today. If all things go well his lung will do better than mine and stick where it's suppose to and leave no room for fluid.

There is also a young man of 35 on the ward. It shows this disease is striking the younger population a lot more than it was suppose to and what politicians said it would. At least if he has taken on the operation at such a young age he is surely fitter and more able to get through this than my generation.

We shouldn't have to contemplate having such major surgery for a cancer than shouldn't exist! It is hard on everyone and even I forget how bad it is for our partners to watch us through this disease, they live it too.

The more people who go for this surgery the better it will become and the equipment used will be modified to ensure more successes as time goes by. Even now John Edwards is on about a machine that can cut the risk of blood loss but it costs around £75,000 and isn't deemed viable if it's not used enough by the trust. That's one manager's salary and that £75,000 would only need to be spent once, not every year like a salary.

When will this Country or our NHS get its priorities right?

'K' may need to have ablation later but will know more later. In the meantime I know you are all wishing him a speedy recovery.

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