Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Mesothelioma - Silent and Alive

I was speaking to a lady today and she asked me how do people find out about mesothelioma or where to really look for information about it. Say if you were told someone had asbestos cancer, and I thought about it .. you do need to know the name mesothelioma to find out the information otherwise where do you look.

That's why I've called this instalment Silent and Alive, it is a silent killer with an unfamiliar name to those looking for it. I still think it should be called or classed as a Chest Cancer and then maybe it could be located easier.

I have taken that step upwards and finally feel that recovery is well and truly reaching the end, admittedly I have upped the morphine but I feel so much better in myself.

My hubby was over the moon as I am smiling again and he managed to pack me off to work again this week. I was pondering on leaving work because I felt I was being unfair to those I work for and for the people I work with, but a few minutes back in my office and all thoughts vanished.

I have also had good news about 'K', he is now home and ahead is recovery for him. I don't relish the thought of what he has to go through but I do know he is ahead of the game. 'K' didn't loose his diaphragm which means he won't get those annoying pricks in his side every time he turns his body.

I am hoping I will receive a lot of information from you all to add to the website, I may have to rename it to Mesothelioma - Our stories but until I get plenty I will leave it as jansjourney.

I do hope that I have helped others in bearing my soul, in a strange way it helped me to get through things, especially by keeping the blog updated.

I wish you all continued success in your battle with meso and will continue with the blog, hopefully now in a more upbeat way.

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