Saturday, 12 September 2009



It seems the blog has had a few visits and I know why, you have all wished 'K' a successful operation. I haven't had much of an update as I am sure you'll understand the family have more important people than me to let on how things are going.
I can tell you that 'K' made it through and it also seems like he had quite along time in surgery. We know he came through it and that's the main thing. I am sure you will all wish him well in his recovery, which is the longest journey.
For me, radiotherapy is over and hopefully that will be it for a very long time. I think I am exhausted with fighting all the time and now I may be able to step off the treadmill and enjoy myself.
As I am writing my story, as requested by my best friends several times in the past few years, I didn't realise I only had a max of nearly one year without the meso growing. I hope this operation has given me more than that otherwise this year has been pain and pain and more pain without a breather for normal everyday life. enough of me .....

.... Will update when I hear some news and if you wish to leave a message of 'K' please do and I will pass them on.

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