Wednesday, 16 September 2009

New Website - mesothelioma

I am currently creating a website called and trying to give you more information on what I did, my full history (yawn yawn) and treatments that are out there together with other websites that can help you get good information.

As you know I have lived with this disease and scanned information constantly to try and stay one step ahead of pushing up daisies. To this end I still think it's important that we keep uptodate with whatever is out there, not just for our own use but the use of others who have to battle this disease.

We know that all regions in the Uk treat this cancer differently and we also know that we should be given more choices on which route we want to go to war. I would still prefer to just have cryo and remove tumours but when you have to many you have to be radical and either take to under the surgeon's knife or chemo. Having done nearly everything apart from gene therapy (which was next) or chemoembolisation I have had quite a wide scope of treatments.

If you have anything out there that I can add to the treatment lists, I have mistletoe, spiritual healing, rekkie, IMRT, and RFA, but would like more information on them together with info I don't have.

The blog will be linked to the website and slowly I am removing info as it is being revamped for the website.

If you have anything you think will help then please email me on

thank you in anticipation of some wonderful research

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